It's time to put America back to work!

ReOpen America PAC is a grassroots organization founded for one purpose only:

To get Americans back to work! 

The recent shutdowns in response to the virus have been devastating to our economy, especially small businesses and the working class.  Millions of Americans are out of work, thousands of businesses are closed or closing, and many of them will not reopen.  Many families, many Americans are left with no income. Congress has offered crumbs of assistance while padding "stimulus" bills with pet projects. Our farms are seeing food supply chains interrupted while grocery store shelves sit empty.


America needs to get back to work.

ReOpen America PAC is organizing daily grassroots efforts to pressure our state and local governments to put an END to these shutdowns. Through civic engagement, we are taking our country back. With thousands of phone calls, letters and emails sent, and as reopen protests break out around the nation, our voices are being heard. 

Join our efforts to reopen every state, every county, every city and town in America.  Your voice is needed to help us.

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ReOpen America  

Show your support to ReOpen America with our made in the USA t-shirts and sweatshirts. Your purchase helps to support small businesses directly as well as helping our mission to help reopen businesses nationwide and help make sure we KEEP them open .

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